March 25, 2016

designsocial_mexsiimuse1 designsocial_mexsiimuse2 designsocial_mexsiimuse3 designsocial_mexsiimuse4 designsocial_mexsiimuse5 designsocial_mexsiimuse6 designsocial_mexsiimuse7 designsocial_mexsiimuse8designsocial_mexsiimuse11 designsocial_mexsiimuse9 designsocial_mexsiimuse10

Australian based artisan bedhead label Mexsii have launched an interactive online shopping experience where you can personalise your own Mexsii bedhead design. With the options to customise height, style, fabrics and trims there are hundreds of combinations to create your own bedroom show stopper.

And for those who need a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing, founders Merryn and Sarah have collaborated with the likes of Jason Grant, Blacklist and The Real Estate Stylist for Mexsii Muse, a curated collection designed by these clever creatives. Think soft blues, leather trim and timber footing for Jason Grants Coastal Light or go Minimalist Grunge in Navy and leather with Nathan & Jaynie Johnson of Blacklist. And for soft and feminine chic, sisters Sara and Amy Chamberlain of TRES have the perfect combination of blush and marble for Classic Contemporary.

If the muses don’t tickle your fancy, the Mexsii girls are mindful that sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming, so they also have a range of plain fabrics and artworks that work seamlessly together, making the design process effortless with something for every style and taste.

Flyn’s Fave: Acapulco Waves

Photos: Eve Wilson



March 23, 2016

DesignSocial_Sage&Clare1 DesignSocial_Sage&Clare2 DesignSocial_Sage&Clare4 DesignSocial_Sage&Clare6 DesignSocial_Sage&Clare8 DesignSocial_Sage&Clare9DesignSocial_Sage&Clare10

Rock the casbah in a pop of layered colour with the new Atlas Collection from Sage and Clare.

The range of bed linen, cushions, textiles and accessories is designer and founder Phoebe Bell’s ode to the iconic travel mecca of the 60’s and 70’s – Morocco, inspired by a revival of all the seventies trends we love so dearly – think shaggy flokati, textures and trims.

Tile motifs of Marrakesh and the strong geometric lines found in Moroccan architecture are translated into textiles in bold shades of chartreuse, midnight blue, jade and aubergine that can be tied back with some of the softer pieces from the collection for a lesson in laid back bohemian living.

Flyn’s Fave: Neve Velvet Tassle Cushion
Photos: Annette O’Brien // Styling: Julia Green



March 21, 2016

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The 2016: Collection 01 from Zakkia is a soft mix of feminine and masculine decorative pieces with the new addition of earthy handmade ceramics bring a modern Australian flavour to the collection without losing the minimalist Scandinavian roots Zakkia has been synonymous with since launching in 2012.

“Our new collection was designed during recent travels around Europe and on this trip we felt the comfort of our native homeland Sweden but also longed for elements of our Aussie home” says founder Sara Lundgren.

The Zakkia range is designed in Australia and hand-produced through a number of collaborations with a number of small family owned ceramic studios and artisans across the world. The usually neutral palette of black, grey and white is aided with the addition of soft hues of pink, lavender and sea grass along with brass accents for a warmer winter feel.

Flyn’s Fave: Speckle Container in White
View the full collection here.

Photos: Sam McAdam-Cooper // Styling: Corina Koch



March 14, 2016

designsocial_huntingforgeorge_loft1 designsocial_huntingforgeorge_loft2 designsocial_huntingforgeorge_loft3 designsocial_huntingforgeorge_loft4 designsocial_huntingforgeorge_loft5 designsocial_huntingforgeorge_loft6 designsocial_huntingforgeorge_loft7 designsocial_huntingforgeorge_loft8 designsocial_huntingforgeorge_loft9

That dip in the couch with grooves shaped perfectly to the curve of your back. Worn out dog ears in the book you borrowed marking each time your eyes started to close. An old adored skip in your favourite record and a life spent amongst the trees with only the city in sight. The weekend is yours and the world is low below.

Welcome to the Hunting for George Loft Collection.  Reminiscent of New York loft living, converted warehouses and large light filled spaces, the collection was shot on location, in a converted warehouse in Melbourne and features a diverse range of stunning pieces for your including bedding, textiles, art prints and occasional furniture.

Brand Director, Lucy Glade-Wright describes Hunting for George as “relaxed and real, with a healthy dose of awesome” with the full collection (along with curated additions from other brands available at their online store) paying homage to lazy sundays at home, sprawling on the couch and lazing under the sheets.

Flyn’s Fave: Oliver Bench
Shop the full collection here

Images: Ren Pidgeon // Styling: Lucy Glade-Wright



January 7, 2016

designsocial_sundaysupplyco1 designsocial_sundaysupplyco2 designsocial_sundaysupplyco3 designsocial_sundaysupplyco4 designsocial_sundaysupplyco4b designsocial_sundaysupplyco5 designsocial_sundaysupplyco6 designsocial_sundaysupplyco7 designsocial_sundaysupplyco8 designsocial_sundaysupplyco9 designsocial_sundaysupplyco10

Lazy summer days on the sand just got a little sexier with these retro-inspired beach umbrellas from new brand Sunday Supply Co.

Born and bred by the beach to give you a little slice of the Australian Summer, Sunday Supply Co. is the result of a lifetime spent chasing sunny days — an exclusive selection of boutique beach essentials designed for an endless summer. Conceived by the sea, residing in the sun, these unique pieces are designed to accompany every trip to the beach and create beautiful shade.

Bold patterns finished with beautiful natural cotton tassels, lightly varnished beechwood and custom-designed aluminium alloy hinge and hardwares make these timeless beach umbrellas your perfect partner for endless summers, chasing the sun. Pre-order yours online now.




December 2, 2015

designsocial_halcyonhouse1designsocial_halcyonhouse2designsocial_halcyonhouse3 designsocial_halcyonhouse4 designsocial_halcyonhouse5 designsocial_halcyonhouse6 designsocial_halcyonhouse7 designsocial_halcyonhouse8 designsocial_halcyonhouse9 designsocial_halcyonhouse10 designsocial_halcyonhouse11 designsocial_halcyonhouse12 designsocial_halcyonhouse13 designsocial_halcyonhouse14

Holiday blues take on a new meaning with the coastal-cool design of new boutique hotel Halcyon House.

This Cabarita Beach hot spot has been doing the rounds online for months now, but with a bit of a hiatus in the blogosphere due to work commitments, moving house and fracturing my wrist, I have to apologise for being so behind the 8 ball, but I couldn’t help sharing anyway, just incase you’ve been in hibernation too.

The original surfside motel, just half an hour outside of Byron Bay has been lovingly renovated to luxurious glory by sisters Elisha and Siobhan Bickle, with the help of architect Virginia Kerridge and interior designer Anna Spiro.

Virginia’s understated reinterpretation of the traditional 1960’s style Australian beach hotel is the perfect canvas for Anna’s curated collection of curious antiques, art and signature love of pattern in every shade of blue imaginable. The beachfront pool and top-notch restaurant, Paper Daisy, round out this boutique beauty where quintessentially retro-Australia meets the Amalfi in a swoon-worthy, instagrammers dream.

Images via Halcyon House



July 1, 2015

designsocial_societyofwanderers1 designsocial_societyofwanderers2 designsocial_societyofwanderers3 designsocial_societyofwanderers4 designsocial_societyofwanderers5 designsocial_societyofwanderers6 designsocial_societyofwanderers7

I’m always jealous of those people who seem to be able to make a business out of travelling the world, collecting beautiful wares. I mean I love travel, I love shopping and I love to experience new cultures… seems a no brainer that in another life I would be one of those people. People like Briony Delves, founder of Society of Wanderers.

It was after years of globetrotting far away lands, Briony, decided to bring home her unearthed, often vintage decorator items, so that she could curate her own range of wares and textiles that told the story of her travels.

With decorator items such as feathered juju hats and wire chandelier’s the bohemian collection is rounded out with hand-woven tribal rugs, icelandic sheepskins and Moroccan wedding blankets, perfect for warm layering in the home this winter.

Images: Cricket Studio  // Styling: Julia Green



June 30, 2015

designsocial_montauk_surflodge1 designsocial_montauk_surflodge2 designsocial_montauk_surflodge3 designsocial_montauk_surflodge4 designsocial_montauk_surflodge5 designsocial_montauk_surflodge6 designsocial_montauk_surflodge7 designsocial_montauk_surflodge8 designsocial_montauk_surflodge9 designsocial_montauk_surflodge10 designsocial_montauk_surflodge11 designsocial_montauk_surflodge12 designsocial_montauk_surflodge13 designsocial_montauk_surflodge14 designsocial_montauk_surflodge15 designsocial_montauk_surflodge16 designsocial_montauk_surflodge17 designsocial_montauk_surflodge18

Don’t you hate hopping on-line and being inundated with snaps and stories about summer on the other side of the world while you’re practically in hibernation to brave the cold at home. Those in the Northern Hemisphere are currently rubbing it in the noses of us down-under and that’s how I discovered this gem of a hotel in the Hamptons.

Home to wave riders and beach bunnies during the swell season The Surf Lodge Montauk is a laid back, good times guaranteed, epitome of the trendy summer scene in Montauk. With 19 relaxed rooms, each with private deck and hammock for two, spend lazy, sun-drenched days by the lake, watching non-stop surf movies in the den or hitch a ride on the hotel’s military truck shuttle down to surfing hot spot Ditch Plains Beach. By night the Lodge becomes party central with a thriving seafood restaurant (under Aussie chef Chris Rendell), three bars and lakeside bonfires with an eternal summer soundtrack and visiting DJ’s.

This spot sounds perfect for a beach gypsy like myself, not to mention they serve their own version of my drink of choice; the Montauk Storm (dark rum, home-made ginger beer and lime). Cheers to endless summers, even if they are lived on-line for part of the year.